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Greenways Primary School

PE & Swimming Timetables

This section of the website will host information on the current PE timetables, we will also include information on the school swimming timetable if it is seasonably appropriate.  Please use the navigation menu on the right side of the page to select the appropriate area.



Guidance on swimming is as follows:


As your swimming coaches, we have put the following together to answer some queries that you might have:

What swimming kit does my child need? Girls need to wear a full swimming costume, no bikinis are permitted. Boys should wear fitted trunks/ shorts above the knees, rather than the ‘bermuda’ type shorts, which balloon out when wet and do not help the children to swim properly and safely.

Where can I purchase a swim hat? All children must wear a swimming hat to prevent the filters clogging up from hair. Please ensure that your child’s name is written on the front of their swimming hat, in a black permanent marker (the school shop can help if you need a pen). Swim hats can be bought from the school shop (£1.00) or other sports outlets. We ask that you purchase it in your child’s team colours: Shakers (blue), Arrows (yellow), Sparks (red) or Hearts (green). If, however, you already have a swim hat, it is not necessary to purchase a new one in the team colour.

How are the sessions structured? All pupils will have one whole class lesson each week with Mrs. Carter plus Mr. Mansell, Mr. Blows and/ or Miss. Edwards, all qualified A.S.A. teachers.

Swimming lessons are not optional and should your child be unfit for swimming, a note must be sent to the class teacher. Sessions focus on confidence, water skills, technique, stroke improvement, fitness and stamina.

Swimming is an expensive activity and we receive no financial help from the local authority. Many local schools charge parents for each swimming lesson. However at Greenways we will continue to provide swimming lessons at no cost to parents.

What is the school policy regarding earrings? All jewellery needs to be removed, with the exception of stud earrings (which need to be covered by a swimming hat).

What other items might my child need? All infant children should wear a towelling robe (rather than towelling ponchos- these can be awkward to get 'on and off'), which helps them dry off immediately, following their exit from the pool. They also keep the children cosy and warm on their walk from the school to the pool and back! Junior children get changed in the changing block over by the pool. You might also provide a small hand-towel for drying longer hair. Infant parents will need to provide their child with a pair of flip-flops (or crocs), which are worn to and from their journey to the pool. Goggles may be worn, but not snorkel type masks. Please ensure that any goggles are already adjusted to fit your child, prior to their arrival at school. Armbands and other swimming aids are all provided by the school.

Please place all swimming items in a swimming bag, which can be hung up in the cloakroom (or locker in Year 6), on your child’s swimming day.

For Early Years this is their first swim at Greenways.  The sessions are differentiated to accommodate the different levels of experience and skill, however please don't hesitate to contact the school office face-to-face or via and they can arrange for one of the swimming team to contact you with any queries. 

Yours sincerely,

The Sports Team