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Greenways Primary School

Class Blogs

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Where are we with blogs?

Our vision is that all classes have their blog posts up and running again for the start of January 2019.  This is the most popular page on the school website and is a valuable source of information for parents and offers a window into your child’s learning.

What has been the problem?

Twofold: technological and GDPR permissions.  Firstly, we’ve used wordpress as our blog platform for the last three years.  Wordpress’ most recent update in the summer means that it is no longer compatible with the class iPads.  The IPads themselves are seven years old and simply can’t run the new software. Whilst there are other blog platforms available, we have found that wordpress best suits our needs.  Secondly, from a safeguarding perspective, we cannot request for staff to use their own phones for blogs. It’s our duty as a school to provide the technology to do this. The GDPR aspect has also meant a review of our approaches.

What’s the solution then?  

Following some research, we have purchased x7 android tablets to replace the iPads.  Each year group will have one tablet after October half-term and for November, each year group will produce a year group blog as they rotate the tablet amongst the teachers.  Subject to a successful trial of the tablets and whether we go for wordpress or google, we will purchase one for each class, followed by a return to class blogs for the New Year (and delivery from Santa of more tablets!).