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Greenways Primary School

Online Safety

This page is dedicated to providing information and resources relating to our approach to e-safety. At the bottom of this page, you will find quick links to a number of PDF documents containing relevant information on this subject.

To start, please read our E-Safety policy linked here.

Did you know? Social Media Age Restrictions

Did you know that many of the popular social media apps minimum age requirements are older than any child at Greenways? The image below lists a majority of the popular services and their age ratings:

Did you know? PEGI & Computer Game Age Ratings

The PEGI (Pan European Game Information) age rating system was established to help parents make informed decisions on buying computer games. The system uses symbols and coloured labels to show the age rating of the game and describe the content included in it. An explanation of the symbols can be found by clicking here.

If you have a child at Greenways, then they should only be playing or witnessing games rated at the 'Age 7 Rating', denoted by a green 7 on the games case or digital store front (e.g. Steam, Playstation Store, XBox Games Store).

To check whether a game is suitable, the common sense media website will provide greater details on each game - Click here to be taken to the Common Sense Media home page.

Information about Microtransactions

Microtransactions have become a key part of modern computer games, with popular titles such as Fifa, Rocket League and Fortnite containing multiple different types of perks and items that can be purchased. The article linked below explains in detail what Microtransactions are and what to look out for:
Free-To-Play Isn't Free: A Guide To Microtransactions

 Useful E-Safety Links for Parents

Common Sense Media - Reviews
A website which allows you to search for details on films, games, apps, television, books and various forms of media. The reviews allow you to see details of what games are appropriate.

CEOP's Thinkuknow e-safety page
A useful eSafety guide for parents.
Get Safe Online
A beginner's guide to using the Internet safety, including a quiz and some video tutorials about how to ‘stay safe’ online.
Kidsmart is an award-winning internet safety website for parents and those working with children. It has been developed by the children's internet charity Childnet International and has excellent information on many of the technologies used by children, with guidance on how to ‘stay safe’ online. 
One in five young people has experienced bullying by text message or via email. This website gives advice for children and parents on bullying.

Yasmine & Tom Resources

These materials are being used by various year groups at Greenways.  These materials are part of the Family Planning Association.  It is the scheme that is recommended by Southend Council and is used in the majority of Southend schools.