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Greenways Primary School


Maths - No Problem

Singapore Maths, based on mastery, is a proven method which ensures children fully understand what they are doing, and why.  In every KS1 and KS2 classroom, the children are using textbooks and workbooks which have been written to support teachers in all aspects of their planning whilst delivering Singapore Maths methods effectively.  These ‘Maths No Problem’ resources are being fully supported by the Department for Education because ‘mastery’, the ability to understand fully a concept and being able to apply it within different situations, is part of the requirements of the new curriculum. The Maths No Problem primary school series has been created specifically for children living in the UK and is fully aligned to the 2014 curriculum.  It provides all the elements that teachers need to teach maths mastery with confidence:

  • Textbooks and workbooks that allow teachers and pupils to explore and master each topic in depth, based on the Singapore Maths CPA approach, namely Concrete (the use of practical resources), Pictorial (using pictures and diagrams for representation) then Abstract (for example, number sentences).  The materials incorporate practice and application, rather than moving on to the following year’s curriculum.
  • A web-based teachers’ guide which provides everything needed to plan a lesson.
  • On-demand video training covering a 5-day intensive maths mastery course.

Staff in Reception classes have been following Mastering Number, a scheme that fully complements the whole school CPA approach. This ensures that the best learning behaviours and foundations are laid for the rest of their school journey.

We believe that this approach ensures that all pupils fully understand and 'master' areas of maths throughout the school.