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Greenways Primary School

Year 1 - Learning @ Home

Every day you can...

  • Read something for pleasure.
  • Write something interesting.
  • Do some exercise.
  • Have a conversation with someone.

Remember you can also.....

  • Log into Bug Club. You can use it on a phone, tablet or computer. Continue to work through all the books for you. Don't forget to write what you have been reading in your exercise book.
  • Log into PhonicsPlay and practise your Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds. There are some great games that you can play.
  • Log into MyMaths and complete the tasks you have been set or have a look at White Rose maths and explore some activities you could do.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Year 1 statutory spelling list. You may want to select a few words and play some of the spelling games you know from school. 
  • Access learning from any year group should you feel this is appropriate to meet your child's needs.

Are you feeling worried about something?

With everything that is happening at the moment, it is perfectly normal to be worried. If there are things which are making you feel sad, angry or upset, then please let us know what it is. We will read your worries to see if there is anything we can do to help. Click the button below to share your worry with someone at school.

Online Safety

You could have a look at our new online safety focus for the week.

Kara and Winston are discussing what information you should keep safe. You can find the link here. As you watch the video please have a think about some of these questions. 

First relate this back to your personal life.

What would you not share with strangers?


Can you now relate this to online.

Where can you share information? 

Wednesday 27th May

Watch this traditional tale from India. After, you could tell someone in your family what the story was about. Think about your favourite part and why you liked it the most. What other stories or films did it remind you of? You could practise your writing and write a few sentences about the story.

This week, you could use your toys to make a toy shop. Explore different coins and have a go at paying for the toys and also being the shop keeper.  Which toy will you buy? How much change will you get? 

Monday 25th May

This week's project can be found here. We loved seeing all your acts of kindness on Twitter, last week. This project also has a kindness activity. We would love to see what you get up to on Twitter  but don't forget to have lots of fun too. Happy half term!

Tuesday 19th May

This week, you could practise the last of the letter families.  The ‘Long Ladder Letters' are y, i, l, f, t, u and y. Once you have mastered these, you can practise all of your letters in this sentence: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 

You might want to write a letter to a family member (to fill their bucket) using your wonderful, neat handwriting.

If you are able to get outside, have a go at tallying the minibeasts you find. This is a great opportunity to practise counting in 5s (especially if you find an ant colony). If you have a magnifying glass, take a closer look but remember to put it back where you found it and handle it with care.

Previous Projects

 Previous projects can all be found here. These projects are designed to take around 5 days.