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Greenways Primary School


Every day you can...

  • Read something for pleasure.
  • Write something interesting.
  • Do some exercise.
  • Have a conversation with someone.

Remember you can also...

  • Log into Bug Club. You can use it on a phone, tablet or computer. Continue to work through all the books for you. Don't forget to write what you have been reading in your exercise book.
  • Read with somebody at home, these could be books, instructions, recipes, comics or First News and discuss your thoughts.
  • Log into Timestables Rockstars and practise your timestables and division facts.  By the end of Year 4, you should know all your timestables up to 12x12.
  • Log into MyMaths and complete the tasks you have been set.
  • Take a look at the lesson videos on White Rose Maths - Year 6
  • Access learning from any year group should you feel this is appropriate to meet your child's needs.
  • Familiarise yourself with the year 5 and 6 statutory spelling word list:

    Year 5 and 6 Spelling List

Are you feeling worried about something?

With everything that is happening at the moment, it is perfectly normal to be worried. If there are things which are making you feel sad, angry or upset, then please let us know what it is. We will read your worries to see if there is anything we can do to help. Click the button below to share your worry with someone at school.

Online Safety

Feel free to have a go at these online safety tasks - they will be updated weekly.

Chapter 3 - What should you keep safe?

After watching the video, think:
-What would you not share with strangers in real life? Why? 
Can you now relate this to online.
-Where can you share information?
-Why are online names important?

Monday 25th May 2020

Your project based learning for this week is all abut space.

Don't forget to share any work you've done with us on Twitter @GreenwaysPri

Space Adventures


This week, we are revising words ending with -able and -ible.

-ible and -able are suffixes which can be added to the end of a verb to create an adjective. 

This rule can help you decide the correct spelling. It works most (but not all!) of the time. Remember, if you are not sure about a word, it is probably best to use a dictionary. Here is the rule:

  • If you remove -able from a word, you are left with a complete word (renewable, renew).
  • If you remove -ible from a word, you are not left with a complete word (sensible, sens). But note that accessible, contemptible, digestible, flexible and suggestible are among the exceptions to this rule.









Tuesday 26th May 2020

For your maths task this week it would be valuable to keep your arithmetic skills sharp. Have a look at the questions from this online arithmetic test and answer them in your beige home learning book. 

Self mark using the answers here. Don' forget to try and work out where you went wrong if you make any mistakes. 

Thursday 29th May 2020

For your writing task this week, do some research about your secondary school and write an information text. You could include information about the uniform, who the headteacher is, whether there is a house system, the history of the the school, the location of the school, the facilities and buildings on site etc.

You could even use illustrations or diagrams to support your writing.

You could challenge yourself to include:

  • Passive voice - Lessons are led by the qualified teacher.
  • Extend ideas with subordinate clauses - Although children are based in a classroom to learn, their learning could be taken outside where they take part in physical activities.
  • Include brackets for parenthesis - The outdoor learning area area (with a fire pit and pond) allows for more exploratory learning


Don't forget to share any work you've done with us on Twitter @GreenwaysPri 

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